The Pittsburgh Data Jam introduces Pittsburgh High School students to big data and data analytics. It raises the students’ awareness of:

  • The impact that big data will have on their lives as individuals

  • The new career options that are being created by the advent of big data in nearly every industry imaginable

The Pittsburgh Data Jam provides hands-on learning of data analytics. In doing so, students will engage in the following experiences:

  • Participation in data analysis competition

  • Data analysis exercises

  • Data visualization tools

  • Field visits to companies and nonprofits to learn how professionals in all fields are using big data

  • Workshops with data scientists

  • Final poster and 10 minute presentation of a final project

Photo: Student Workshop learning data analysis techniques

Photo: Student Workshop learning data analysis techniques

Data Jam Activities

The Pittsburgh Data Jam includes the following hands-on activities:

  • Teacher workshop about the Data Jam competition and analysis projects

  • Student workshop to learn data analysis tools and techniques

  • Written exercises to develop and share understanding of big data concepts

  • Field trips to Pittsburgh Area corporations and Nonprofits demonstrating Big Data in Use

  • Working with data sets with mentoring on software and projects provided by University of Pittsburgh honors students

  • Finale presentation with awards ceremony


Participating High Schools

The following greater Pittsburgh area High Schools are participating in the 2018 Pittsburgh Data Jam. Click a logo to learn more about that particular school. The schools are presented in no particular order. 



Thank you to all the following sponsors for their support in Data Jams and hosting the field trips for students. Click a logo to learn more about that sponsor. The sponsors are presented in no particular order.