Pittsburgh Dataworks is a consortium of organizations coming together to help grow an active, productive and prominent big data community in Pittsburgh. There are two teams helping to define and execute Pittsburgh Dataworks' vision, goals and activities: the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee. We thank each and every member of these teams for their valuable contribution to the success of Dataworks.

Board of Directors

  • Saman Haqqi, Program Director, IBM Watson Group, President, Pittsburgh Dataworks, Data Jam Advisory Committee
  • Karl Herleman, VP, Management Science Associates
  • Tom Jones, Partner, Draper Triangle Ventures
  • Dr. Michael Levine, Scientific Director, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Jerome Pesenti, Vice President, IBM Watson Core Technology, Chairman, Pittsburgh Dataworks
  • Krishnan Ramayya, Dean, Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College
  • Audrey Russo, CEO, Pittsburgh Technology Council
  • Dr. Rasu Shrestha,  Chief Innovation Officer, UPMC and Executive Vice President, UPMC Enterprises
  • Mike Wallace, Director, Big Data, NetApp
  • Dennis Yablonsky, CEO, Allegheny Conference

Advisory Committee

  • Linda T. Ambroso, Government Relations Professional, Leech Tishman
  • Lya Batlle, Lead UX Designer, Intellect SEEC, Data Jam Advisory Committee 
  • Cheryl Begandy, Director, Education, Outreach and Training, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Data Jam Advisory Committee
  • Kristee Blanciak, Account Executive, NetApp,
  • Mike Capsambellis, Product Manager, Google
  • Panos Chrysanthis, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • Matthew J. De Reno, Information Developer, IBM Watson, Content Marketing Strategist, Pittsburgh Dataworks, Data Jam Advisory Committee
  • Jim Kasdorf, Director, Special Projects, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Iftekhar Kazi, Vice President, Enterprise Technology Infrastructure, UPMC
  • Alexandros Labrinidis, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Pittsburgh
  • Brian MacDonald, Enterprise Architect, Big Data, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Technologies, Oracle, Data Jam Advisory Committee
  • Bob Monroe, Associate Professor, CMU Tepper School of Business
  • Raja Sooriamurthi, Professor, CMU, Information Systems, Data Jam Advisory Committee

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