The Noble Big Data Cloud Hosting Provider

There once was a big data cloud hosting provider, 
Who ignored client needs, even web crawling spiders,
That hosted cloud content, merely for rent,
And made customer insights invisible.


Along came an outfit, that knew what they were doing. 
They wooed away the unhappy customer (who considered suing).
The customer liked all she had seen, and interestingly enough, she liked they were green. 
These folks, are great, “My data insights are deliverable!”

Years on later, her big data app went boom.
And the happy client needed more room.
Luckily, her app was with such a house, “My enterprise cloud is surely no slouch.” 
She and they became a pair - indivisible! 

Riches were had, shareholders made millions.
Her enterprise cloud provided bandwidth to billions.
It made her think, they were right all along.
Big Data in the cloud is a dance to a song. 

The client and the big data cloud hosting provider, must have a certain rapport, “Big Data in the cloud goes beyond 24-7 support.” 

You have to be ready, for consequences dire, “What happens if the data center gets flooded, or catches on fire? 

I want great service too, not some disinterested clerk, who can answer my cloud questions, like “Is there redundancy in my network?” 

O', how foolish I would feel (even worse, like a jerk).
If I had gone with that inferior big data cloud hosting network.

Luckily, I have a great big data cloud service. 
With them I am confident,  “Never am I nervous!” 
They have all the right tools, for kings and for fools, “They make my big data apps run with the bulls!”  

Many insights later, the customer grew old.
And decided it was time, her big data company was sold.

Now it was over, her time was all gone. 
With the end of the dance, came the end of the song.   
We were a great pair, in a cloud that was higher, “Farewell, my noble big data cloud hosting provider!” 

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