Rock The Data! The Spring 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam Finale Has Arrived

A journey that began several months ago amidst record-breaking, bone chilling temperatures, concludes today with what is arguably one of the hottest big data events in the U.S. - The 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam!

"The Pittsburgh Data Jam is a data analysis competition for high school students that educates and informs them about big data, its impact on their lives and the career opportunities it represents." 
— Spring 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam 

As part of the 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam Finale, over 100 Pittsburgh-area high school students, comprising 19 teams from Avonworth, Bethel Park, Cornell High, Ellis, North Allegheny, South Fayette and Springdale High Schools, will descend upon the University Club in Pittsburgh's quaint Oakland neighborhood - in the heart of the University of Pittsburgh.

The Data Jam teams will present to a panel of judges how they used data analysis techniques to understand and solve some of the challenges the City of Pittsburgh and the world faces today.

Their presentations will be judged on a variety of criteria including how well they approached their data-based research project from a particular disciplinary, or interdisciplinary "point of view", how they uncovered and used a variety of sources, formed research questions based upon relevant data, analyzed and visualized their data, what logical conclusions they drew from their data, how well they communicated their findings, and lastly, how they were able to defend their insights to a critical audience. 

"The Data Jam will conclude with all participants receiving an award to recognize their effort and work. The top three teams will be identified. The top five teams will be given a chance to explain their research to the full Pittsburgh Data Jam audience." 
— Spring 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam

The event will feature comments by Allegheny County Chief Executive Rich Fitzgerald and City of Pittsburgh Chief Innovation & Performance Officer, Debra Lam. 

What do you say? Let's help these students rock out the 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam! You can show your support by visiting the pages below and spreading the word about the Pittsburgh Data Jam.

Now then. Get your ear plugs. It's time to rock the data! 

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