{ Video } Pittsburgh Data Jam Teachers Workshop ~ Teachers Tips for Teachers

On Nov. 6, 2015, high school teachers participating in the 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam, a one-of-it's-kind high school analytics competition, met at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center to learn tips from Data Jam instructors.

This video shows a segment of this workshop where the teachers from the 2015 Pittsburgh Data Jam shared tips with newer teachers that were tasked with assembling Data Jam teams for the first time.

YouTube Video: Teachers Tips For Teachers

"For the 5 to 7 kids on your team, make them as diverse as possible... Not every kid needs to be the computer science major."

— Tip from High School Teacher
2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam Teachers Workshop

The purpose of the workshop is to provide on-hands training for the high school teachers in regards to team preparation for the 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam, a one of it's kind data analytics competition involving 16 Pittsburgh area high schools. Presentations at the work shop covered how to select a project, the elements of a good project proposal,  the basics of data analysis, tools for visualizing data, and more.