{ Video + Slides } Pittsburgh Data Jam Teachers Workshop ~ Project Proposal

On Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, high school teachers from 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam participating high schools, attended a teacher's workshop at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood.

IBM Watson Information Developer, and Pittsburgh Dataworks Content Marketing Strategist, Matthew J. De Reno, presented about the keys to creating a great project proposal. 

YouTube Video: Creating A Project Proposal

"When we looked back at previous Pittsburgh Data Jam Top 5 finishers, we found that one of the things they all had in common was a clear and concise project proposal..."

— Matthew J. De Reno
IBM Watson Information Developer
Pittsburgh Dataworks Content Marketing Strategist

Presentation Slides In Video

Learn More About The Proposals Discussed In This Slides

The purpose of the workshop is to provide on-hands training for the high school teachers in regards to team preparation for the 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam, a one of it's kind data analytics competition involving 16 Pittsburgh area high schools. Presentations at the work shop covered how to select a project, the elements of a good project proposal,  the basics of data analysis, tools for visualizing data, and more.