I feel a strange disturbance in the (work) Force

I am super excited to send you this transmission. The 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam is well underway. Last year we had 7 high school systems in our Galactic Big Data Empire, my fellow apprentice. That number has since jumped to 16 and includes many  of the best, outstanding, distinguished high school systems that the Pittsburgh galaxy has to offer.  See the movie poster below for details.  

Do you recognize the logos? Is your kid's high school represented?

If not, no worries. Fear of this Data Jam will keep the other high schools in line, at least until we can recruit them for 2017. However, if you are interested in getting your high school involved in future Data Jam events - and joining our Big Data Galactic Empire, please visit our contact page. 

Yes, I suppose I am placing the allegiance of the Pittsburgh Dataworks organization as a whole, as being on that of the "Dark side".  Well, I like to call it the "Data side." But, why not? We all know Darth Vader turned out to be a good guy!

Heck, Darth Vader pioneered "wearable technology" - did he not? Plus, he was one of the main organizers behind Disrupt Alderdaan. 

If am I not sued by Lucas Films, I promise to continue to provide updates so that you can follow along on the 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam. So please bookmark our website:

Linking of which, the official 2016 Pittsburgh Data Jam Project Page can be found here:

The Emperor will be most pleased if you follow and like the Big Data Galactic Empire's official social media accounts:

On that note, I must end my transmission. May the Data be with you!