Pittsburgh's Big Data Stars

The best part of the Pittsburgh Dataworks' launch event? The overflowing showcase of Pittsburgh's most compelling big data projects. The 20 entries in the showcase were a solid representation of the wide variety and scale of big data related activity happening in Pittsburgh.

Dataworks' Advisory Committee considered each big data project's potential to impact lives, uniqueness, data-centricity and use of analytics and rewarded the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute's big data research project the "Showcase Winner" award. 

Here's a list of the companies, researchers and academic participants in Pittsburgh's first Big Data Showcase:

1. Avere - FXT Series Edge Filers for Storage

2. Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College - Do Likes Matter -  a randomized experiment to determine the role that popularity plays on the sales of movies

3. Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College - Fast Generalized Subset Scan for Anomalous Pattern Detection

4. Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College - Event Detection in Heterogeneous Social Media Graphs

5.  Civic Science - Polls millions of consumers every week on their favorite websites and social networks. We then help the world's leading marketers and other decision-makers see results in real-time and dive deep into the most important trends.

6. IBM - Pittsburgh Big Data Lab  

7. Kwantera - manages the purchase and consumption of electricity and natural gas across the United States  

8. Management Science Associates - 50 years of Data Analytics leadership

9. Netapp - Sequoia Supercomputing System  

10. Objectivity - Enterprise NoSQL leader, helping customers harness the power of Big Data.

11. Powered Analytics - Cloud-based platform for creating and operationalizing predictive models in hours, not months

12. Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center - Sherlock & Data Supercell  

13. Quant MD - Healthcare diagnostics company with a global outreach servicing cutting-edge proprietary Healthcare Enhancement through Robust Algorithmic Diagnosis (HERALD™) of medical images, for early and non-invasive cardiovascular disease diagnostics, surgical planning and interventional guidance

14. Shufflepoint - Turns all internet data, as well as customer's internal data, into a meta-virtual data warehouse

15. University of Pittsburgh Department of Computer Science - Advanced Data Management Technologies Lab

16. University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences  - Big Data Masters Degree Program

17. University of Pittsburgh - Department of Epidemiology - Our group at the Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh, in partnership with the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, are working in the area of establishing a helpline for scientists who are struggling with publishing their results due to lack of methodological or statistical skills

18. University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute  - UPCI and the Department of Biomedical Informatics has launched a pilot program in collaboration with the UPMC Enterprise Analytics Program and Oracle® to characterize the patient and their cancer using progressively more sophisticated testing and then using these test results to predict the most effective and least toxic treatment for that individual.

19. Vertica/HP - HP Vertica Analytics Platform

20. Webkite - WebKite powered sites make data actionable and give users a chance to filter and find exactly what they want in a set of data

These are by no means all the big data related initiatives in Pittsburgh - there are many more and exciting projects already in the works and being added on a regular basis. We hope to shine the spotlight on some of them soon.

In the meantime, do you know of some? Please share.

Adrian Lee, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute - Winner of Big Data Showcase

Adrian Lee, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute - Winner of Big Data Showcase

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Big Data Showcase

Big Data Showcase